The Joker’s Bakery creates artisanal, homemade cheesecake crafted from the finest ingredients. While The Joker’s Bakery’s cheesecake is reminiscent of this classic American dessert, our unique cakes are described as lighter, fluffier, and creamier than a traditional NY cheesecake.

“My family has been eating Cheesecake from John aka The Joker’s Bakery for many, many years. Each and every flavor is awesome and these cakes look as good as they taste. I have never had a better cake anywhere. My very 1st cheesecake from John was my wedding cake 19 years ago and it was absolutely gorgeous. His menu and creativity continue to grow and continue to amaze us!”

~ Lois Bologna, Shelton, CT


White Chocolate and Lavender

With locally sourced lavender, the white chocolate compliments the lightness of the lavender to create a cheesecake that is light, refreshing, and unique.